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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Rainy day at Falls Park

It was rainy Friday and Saturday in Greenville. The good news was that the hot temperatures broke and the highs were only around 80. The humidity was still very high. I think that Greenville has two months which are a little hot, two months which are a little cold, and then six months of heaven.

The Falls Park at Reedy shown in the photo above has quickly become a favorite of many in Greenville. It is on main street, has a pedestrian walking bridge over the falls, host many events, and connects to a larger park called Cleveland Park. It is possible to go for a 5 mile hike or jog in green space while downtown in Greenville.

While taking this photo I saw a family out for a walk and several couples. It was raining but that did not keep people from enjoying themselves.

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